About apri broadcasting int.


Here at APRI we are all about reality. We do not pull any punches or blow smoke up your ass just to get and hold fans. We talk about hard issues. We are the source for the latest news and information that really counts. We bring you creativity, experience and passion for the stories we report on. We cover a host of issues for people who care about the future of this country.

We must come together as a nation and a people to make the changes we are looking for so that our children will not have to suffer or be deprived of freedom and liberty.

Our show is radical and way out there, but we feel that we need to be open and ourselves in order to bring in a powerful show and be ourselves.

We are on air to empower, to educate, inform and uplift. We get into the most dangerous talkshow waters, and we cover the issues that most hosts or producers will not touch. We can be very harsh or very respectful depending on the circumstances. Come and join us if you dare.