All About Kiler Davenport and Alternative Public Radio International – by Co-Founder Marion Pound

All About Kiler Davenport and Alternative Public Radio International

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I am a man of many words and endless ideas, concepts, philosophies, perceptions and experiences. I can be all things to all people. In my 63 years I have dealt with every personality imaginable in the human race. 

I have worked undercover for one of the largest news organizations in the world and have been behind the dark wall of the new world order and it has given me so much experience into international affairs, human relations and an overall sense of how this matrix works.

I will live the remaining days on the air doing live radio and relating to my experiences to the world at large in hopes that my message will touch people in a powerful way and allow them to experience possibilities and potential for personal development and empowerment.

I like to shake people out of their comfortable tree, knock them off balance, keep them on edge. That is what makes the world turn. 


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Alternative Public Radio International is alive and well. Our diverse and creative programming is straight from the gut, and brought to you by folks who have dedicated their lives in the quest for the return of liberty and freedom to this land. They all spend their hours in the studio researching, planning, developing, casting for talent, creating, networking, and coordinating for your benefit. 

Warning!! If you are easily triggered, sensitive or get offended by reality then do not tune in here. This is a free speech zone, and we are not politically correct. We are from the gut, raw, rubber meets the road radio. What else could we be. We do not follow the norm, and we will not blow smoke up your ass. I would say we are “R” rated, and once we even slip into the “X” zone.

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