Arms Around the World by Kiler Davenport

Many folks are creatively dead and without a mind of their own. Most have been beat down by this system to the point where they feel completely powerless. I feel this way many times. I get severely depressed and down to the point where I just want to vanish into the void. But something strange keeps me going as if there were something out there calling me back into action. Most of you know that something is very wrong with this world and you can feel the confusion and disdain of the people. This new world order monster and the ruling class have put their arms around the world and enslaved so many and will continue this destruction until we the people rise up and stand together and are willing to die for our freedoms to be returned to us. I do not believe this will open in our lifetime or the next generation a however we should be giving them hell at this very moment and we are not doing that at all. All in all, it looks like a lost cause. We shall see.

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I am a man of many words and endless ideas, concepts, philosophies, perceptions and experiences. I can be all things to all people. In my 63 I have dealt with every personality imaginable in the human race. I will live the remaining days on the air doing live radio and videos relating to my experiences to the world at large in hopes that my message will touch people in a powerful way, and allow them to experience possibilities and potential for personal development and empowerment. I like to shake people out of their comfortable tree, knock them off balance, keep them on edge. That is what makes the world turn.

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